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Who We Are

Our Mission

Create. Innovate. Transform.

Latitude is a full service engineering firm, we offer services to help implement information systems and applications through Agile SCRUM using DevSecOps methodologies. We have vast experience in the government sector and public sector and are aware of the complex compliance and security issues our customers face everyday. We have in-depth familiarity with cloud computing, software development, cybersecurity, data science, and machine learning best practices that help our customers implement business critical solutions.


We believe in creating and implementing solutions that leverage open source technologies, creating a positive impact in terms of flexibility, scale, and cost.


We implement innovative methods wherever possible, enhancing the way systems and applications in terms of performance, security, and monitoring are handled.


We believe in implementing transformative methods not only in terms of technology but also processes and procedures to help organizations grow and evolve over time.

Our Partners

Who We Serve